Founding of pre-The Angina Pectoris band Feu Ma Mere by the musicians Joelen Mingi and Alexander Klaffke. Release of Sound Of Intimacy and Asphyxia

Shay Astray joins the band, in cunclusion of Neurasthenia release.

Release of Feu Ma Mere´s cult album ” Seasons Of Mournful “. In December the band performs at a festival among other bands like Arts and Decay and the Fair Sex. Joelen Mingi informs the public that Feu Ma Mere will split up and that there will be a new project under the name The Angina Pectoris.

The Angina Pectoris, mainly consisting of Joelen Mingi (Vocals, 12 String-Guitars, Keyboards and Programming) and his life companion and co-founder Shay Astray (Vocals, Bass) and the Drum Computer/Sequencer called Erzulie.

The Angina Pectoris signs a record deal with KM-Music/Semaphore. Re-release of Feu Ma Mere; Seasons Of Mournful

Release of ” Odium ” 12 inch (KM-Music/Semaphore)

The song ” Disconsolate ” appears on the Zillo German Mystic Sound Sampler Volume II (Zillo/Efa)

At the end of the year the song ” The Agony After ” appears on the Romantic Sound Sampler Classics (Zillo/Efa)

Sin Feissali (Guitars) joins the band as permanent member. First tour through Germany under the name The Angina Pectoris.

Release of the band´s debut ” Anno Domini ” (KM-Music/Semaphore) and the first collaboration with AM-Music GmbH as publisher. The band goes on promotion tour for the album throughout Germany, most specific east part of the country.

Release of the mini-album ” On The Burning Funeral Pyre ” (KM-Music/Semaphore), followed by one of the most successful tours in the band history, including several headlining shows at Christmas Festivals in Germany.

The band leaves KM-Music/Semaphore and signs at SPV GmbH.

The band says farewell to Drum Computer/Sequencer Erzulie.

Sin Feissali leaves the band to forms his own band

Anthony Abzu the band`s live technician takes over the part of their previous guitar player. Another new member comes straight from Ireland to join the band and plays the drums: Martyn Lynch.

With the album ” Anguish ” the band celebrates the SPV deal. The band goes on tour again which also leads into other European countries.

The band leaves AM-Music GmbH and signs at the famous Hamburg publisher AMV/Public Propaganda.

Martyn Lynch leaves the band because of musical differences. Joelen Mingi´s longtime companion Cliff Hill (ex-member of the American legendary band Shock Therapy) decides to take the part of the band`s drummer.

Work begins on the new album “Insomnia”.

Promoting the new album ” Insomnia ” (released thru SPV) the band goes on big tour through Germany again.

After finishing the tour, the yearlong relationship between Joelen Mingi and Shay Astray breaks up. In mutual understanding, she leaves the band and withdraws from the music business.

Joelen Mingi takes the chance to use that situation to work creatively on new material and to restructure the band.

The new line up is
Joelen Mingi – Vocals
Sylvia Freya – Bass
Jay Phoenix – Guitars
Lil Wolf – Keyboards
Matt Earn – Drums

This bigger line up was necessary to translate the musical plans of Joelen Mingi into powerful energy. The former Gothic roots of the band are not hidden, but the band allowed the energy of the new influences to flow into the bands concept.

Since then there was no technical supervisor after the ” Insomnia Tour ” Anthony Abzu takes over the band`s technical support and gives up his role as guitar player.

From July 1997 up to now, the band has vanished in the countryside to work isolated on new album to record it.

Release of the “Dying Heart” CD-Single as unofficial on the market, only for fans.

Big event in Rockfabrik, Ludwigsburg Germany, as headliner in a Gothic Festival.

Official release of the CD-Single “Mandy” in January.
The new album Lakshmi, limited edition is due on 20th of March 2000.

The new line up, now official:
Joelen Mingi – Vocals, 12 String Guitars, Keyboards and Programming
Jay Phoenix – Guitars
Jacek Janikowski – Guitars
Jean Davis – 5 String Bass Guitar
Jens Robbers – Keyboards and Sequencers
Matt Earn – Acoustic Drums, Triggers, Programming

June 2000 start of World tour, covering Europe and Asian territories. Powered by Mgazette (Japan), Key Party (Japan), ABS-CBN (PH), Channel-V (PH), Metal Hammer Magazine (Germany), Gothic Magazine (Germany), NewsZine Magazine (Germany), Oblivion Magazine (Germany). Magazine (Germany) among others.

Lakshmi album released officially in Japan on 1st of March 2000.

The Angina Pectoris are preparing for the Lakshmi World Tour – part two, the tour will start in August and the release of Lakshmi album in America on 15th of May.

The World Tour has ended in Germany on 15th of December, in their home city Stuttgart at Classic Rock with VIP fans coming from Austria, Switzerland, Germany, United Kingdom and France. A successful final ending of the tour.

Right after the World Tour, The Angina Pectoris, most specific Joelen Mingi has decided to put the band in hiatus to concentrate on other musical, publishing and fashion related activities, that sustained more than a decade.

Reissue in June of long out of print “Lakshmi” album now available worldwide for maximum fidelity. Other back catalogue to follow and a new album.

Featured in two pages interview in Gothic Magazine’s chronicle and appeared in its CD compilation with the song “Tonight We Will Die”, August issue.

The Angina Pectoris at the largest Gothic festival on this planet in Leipzig Germany, the WGT (Wave-Gotik-Treffen) 2016 exclusive on 13th May, first show in 15 years after their successful world tour.

The Angina Pectoris at Castle Party Festival, the largest dark independent festival in Central Europe, 13th – 16th July 2017 in Bolkow Poland.

*This biography courtesy and taken from IDN Music, except starting 2013 by The Angina Pectoris*